Student Engagement/Climate Surveys

Are you looking for a student engagement/climate survey that:
  • Quantifies how your students are feeling?
  • Allows you to identify individual students in need?
  • Offers the flexibility to add questions unique to your school?
  • Utilizes an easy-to-administer software interface?
  • Provides actionable insights and results you can understand?
  • Compares your results with similar-sized schools?
Then School Perceptions is your survey partner in measuring what matters in helping your students achieve success. Download our brochure here to start learning about effective student engagement/climate surveys.

Are you looking for a student classroom feedback survey that:
  • Measures the different aspects of students’ classroom experience?
  • Provides insight into students’ perception of equity in each classroom?
  • Provides teachers with feedback on what is going well and how they can better support their students in the classroom?
Download our brochure here to start learning about Student Classroom Feedback surveys.

Our pricing is cost-effective and scales based on school size.

Since 2002, more than 10,000 schools have used School Perceptions, an independent educational research firm to collect millions of survey responses from students, staff, parents, and community members.

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Why Measure Student Engagement? A student that is engaged in both their school work and school community experiences greater success in and out of the classroom as well as upon graduation from high school. Understanding how a student spends their free time, their perception of the rigor and relevance of their school work, how they utilize various support systems, and the planning they have done for life after high school is critical for a school system to best meet each student's individual needs.
Why Gather Student Classroom Feedback? Gathering feedback from students is the first step in improving their classroom learning experience. While assessments gather data on what students learn, the School Perceptions Student Classroom Feedback Survey collects data to quantify the engagement level of each student, the relevance of lessons, and classroom organization. When students share their experiences and feelings, each of their teachers can better reflect on what is and isn’t working.