Administrative Planning Tool

Administrative team planning? We can help.

The Administrative Planning Tool™parallels the Annual School Board Development Tool, but is tailored specifically to help school administrators establish planning priorities and professional development needs. As a result, you will spend your time, money and energy on the areas of focus your administrative team deems most important.

We can help you identify:
• Areas of growth
• Areas of concern
• Gaps within the District
• Planning priorities
• Policy needs
• Professional Development needs

The School Perceptions' Administrative Planning Tool™ will give you the data you need to best equip your educational leaders for success. Aligned with the School Administrator Standards, our survey collects data within School Perceptions' 8 Key Leadership Indexes including:

• Vision
• Operating
• Budgeting
• Climate
• Communications
• Learning
• Community
• Planning


Administrative Planning Tool Information Sheet (PDF)
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