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Why measure student engagement

A student that is engaged in both their school work and school community experiences greater success in and out of the classroom as well as upon graduation from high school. Understanding how a student spends their free time, their perception of the rigor and relevance of their school work, how they utilize various support systems and the planning they have done for life after high school is critical for a school system to best meet each student's individual needs.

• Improve overall student engagement
• Understand what you are doing well
• Prioritize improvement initiatives
• Use survey feedback to develop strategies to increase student retention and enrollment
• Put your results into context by benchmarking against similar schools
• Identify subsets of your student population that may be struggling with a certain index of engagement

No one has a bigger stake in an effective school than students, nor are there any better experts on how the school is experienced. When asked the right questions - in the right way - students are an important part of your improvement process. By using the School Perceptions Process, and one of our Engagement, Transition, Climate or Safety Surveys, you will gather the student feedback you need to implement action plans that improve engagement and learning.


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