Community Survey Testimonials

"The service provided by School Perceptions beginning with the survey development and ending with the presentation to the School Board with the survey results was of the highest quality. We used the results as part of our district-wide strategic planning that included facility planning. The staff at School Perceptions was personable, professional, and flexible to addressing our unique needs as a school district. I recommend School Perceptions to any school district seeking quality survey data."
- Dale Carlson – Superintendent, NRHEG School District

"School Perceptions did an excellent job of collaboratively designing a survey that reveal some keys elements to our understanding of our community's tax tolerance and priorities that will be a primary source of data used in our next bond election effort."
- Ed Harris – Superintendent, Chatfield Public Schools

"School Perceptions provided our school board with enough detailed data to feel confident about the size and scope of our upcoming building referendum in terms of its congruence with community feelings on design and tax tolerance. Without the survey data we would have been much less confident in our assessment of what the community will support. I highly recommend School Perceptions and could not be happier with their service. Thank you!"
- Ed Harris – Superintendent, Chatfield Public Schools

"Bill and his staff were always readily available and willing to discuss our project with sincerity. This individualized attention made us feel that they truly cared about our community. Not sure this happens real often when dealing with consultants."
- James Smasal – Superintendent, Kewaskum School District

"School Perceptions delivered a great product for our district. The survey they developed was well done and allowed us to gather community feedback effectively and efficiently. They were knowledgeable, responsive, and provided the insight we needed to move forward with a district initiative."
- Carla Buboltz – Superintendent, Wrightstown Community School District

"S.P. worked with us the entire process. They picked up on our story and were able to tell it. They listened to us and we were involved every step of the way. Nice job."
- Del DeBerg – Superintendent, Melrose-Mindoro School District

"We have partnered with School Perceptions for a variety of surveys and appreciate their professional yet personal approach in meeting our needs. They combine honesty and integrity with a willingness to listen while also providing honest feedback grounded in a high level of understanding around school district needs."
- Kevin Bruggink – Superintendent, School District of Oostburg

"If you are a school district looking to the future and need assistance in appropriately engaging with and attaining pertinent input from your stakeholders, School Perceptions will go the extra mile in addressing your needs."
- Jeff Holmes – Superintendent, Germantown School District

"The information obtained from the survey which School Perceptions helped the Tomah Area School District create will be extremely useful in planning for the future of the school district, responding to community concerns, and developing a message about our district which will resonate with our constituents. We found the process to be simple, yet extremely valuable. School Perceptions is a business that knows what to do!"
- Cindy Zahrte – District Administrator, Tomah Area School District

"The analytical tool allowed us to objectively look at our information and craft a referendum question that was good for kids and acceptable by the public."
- Nick Ouellette – Superintendent, Hudson School District

"School Perceptions helped us to achieve what we set out to do, and that was to hold up a mirror to see how we were doing in the eyes of the community and then determine our course of action based on the community's input regarding our future direction. It was a straight-forward process that was easy to navigate for all stakeholders and yielded invaluable data to propel the district forward."
- Colleen Timm – District Administrator, School District of Mishicot

Staff Survey Testimonials

"School Perceptions was terrific to work with. I found that we received the information, guidance, and direction necessary to successfully survey our staff. This process and the accompanying reports provided the unbiased information the we were looking for to accurately develop strategic district and building level goals."
- Terry Reynolds – Superintendent, Tomahawk School District

"The team at School Perceptions is highly qualified and translates the data into useful information. They were able to tell a story about our district through the results. This unique approach to reporting the data made it easy for the district staff and community to understand. We now have a clear understanding of the strengths and the challenges facing our district. During the process, Bill Foster was extremely accessible and detailed oriented. He spent a significant amount of time making sure the specific requests of our Board of Education were addressed. The result was a highly customized survey for our community. Thank you for your time and attention, School Perceptions!"
- Erika Krehbiel – Chief Communications Officer, Glen Ellyn School District 41

"School Perceptions worked closely with us to develop, administer, and summarize employee perception data. They were timely, working within tight time constraints, and the quality of data was excellent as a foundation for ongoing improvement efforts."
- Michael Green – Superintendent, Woodland Public Schools

"Using the services of School Perceptions, the district was able to genuinely celebrate the great work being done within our organization while at the same time provide a valid and reliable impetus to hone in on areas that need attention."
- Annette Thompson – District Administrator, Dodgeland School District

"If you are doing a strategic plan or need work for School or District Improvement planning School Perceptions will give you a valuable tool to understand what your community is seeing or feeling and allow you to make adjustments to improve your district." - Al Cumings – Superintendent, Tri County Area Schools

Student Survey Testimonials

"School Perceptions is a customer driven, results oriented company that provides services to help school districts create their own dashboard in communication of strengths and opportunities to improve. Their survey process engenders trust from the participant's perspective as well as confidence from the district that results obtained are valid and reliable. As a district leader, I appreciate the expertise offered by School Perceptions in survey development, their feedback on trends observed, and their insights to assist with strategic planning. For our district, School Perceptions is our "go to" resource for seeking feedback from our students, staff, and community."
- Patricia Vickman – Superintendent, Southern Door County School District

Parent Survey Testimonials

"The Wausau School District certainly made the right decision in partnering with School Perceptions to conduct its community, parent, and staff surveys. The competent and friendly staff provided superior skill and service from start to finish for each of the three surveys. The resulting reports were clear and easy to understand ~ we even received compliments from the community on this aspect."
- Amy Arlen – Communications Coordinator, Wausau School District

"Your company makes it very easy to do a survey of staff and parents, with quick results to use immediately to improve school practices."
- Melissa Badger – Communications Coordinator, School District of Beloit

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