Give community members and taxpayers a voice and better understand educational and financial priorities to create more informed long-term plans.


Measure staff engagement, collect insights to improve morale, and understand how climate, culture, and environment metrics compare to similar schools.


Learn how parent's engagement and satisfaction compare to similar schools, quantify improvements over the last year, and where additional resources are needed.


Understand what practices and policies help your students learn, what barriers are in the way, and what you could do to increase student involvement, inside and outside the classroom.

Why School Perceptions?

Research Center

Preventing Planning Pitfalls

June, 2024

District leaders complete a strategic plan that takes all kinds of time and money and then a big, expensive binder...

Were our referendum predictions accurate?

April, 2024

As you hear us say often, we are not in the business of seeing a referendum pass or fail. Actually, we ...

Spring 2024 Referendum Results Recap

April, 2024

Ninety-three school districts (approximately 22% of the state) collectively asked 103 referendum questions. Of those ...

Do your plans align with your community’s values?

March, 2024

School leaders work very hard to develop mission statements and strategic plans that guide the decision-making process ...

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